Dale Goldhawk interviews Orin Krivel after the First Meeting with Toronto Hydro


As we announced in an earlier TRHA News posting, Orin Krivel, our president and others, met with the CEO of Toronto Hydro and his key staff on Thursday, May 10th. It was a long meeting but both parties felt that it was productive and a further meeting is scheduled for next week.

Dale Goldhawk is a journalist, author and broadcaster with more than 44 years experience in Canadian newspapers, radio, television, including the Toronto Telegram, CBC Television, CBC Radio, Global Television and the CTV Television Network.  He has developed a well deserved reputation for fighting back for our citizens when there is “wrong to be righted”.

After the meeting, Orin appeared on Dale Goldhawk’s TV show. A further interview of Orin by Dale is available on the “Goldhawk Fights Back” website by clicking here.  To listen to all of the interviews, click on this link.